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'Hand Nailing' or Nailguns?

The battle between the two methods has been going on for years and there will never be a clear concise answer. It comes down to the Experience of the roofer, NOT the tools used. Weinel Roofing has installed Every Shingle WITHOUT the use of a nail gun, since we began 30 years ago. If not using a nailgun meant a slower speed and higher cost, Weinel Roofing would fail to exist due to lack of clientele.

If you take the time needed to set up compressor, constant reloading nails, and tangling and untangle of hoses, Weinel Roofing has already started nailing.

The experience becomes important when the shingle is fastened to the roof. When hand nailing, a roofer can feel whether the nail hit solid into the roof decking. A nailgun does not allow the roof to ensure a solid securing of the shingle. This can lead to nails becoming loose and can cause shingles to fall out, therefore compromising the integrity of your roof and causing leaks.

Also when using a nailgun, the installer may not have the pressure set correctly. This can lead to nails being pushed through the shingle, and leading to leaks. On the other hand if the pressure is set too low the nail will not fully secure the shingle to the roof decking, and again lead to leaks.

Hand nailing is the only way to insure that 100% of the nails in your roof are properly installed.


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